Trial Practice

Our Firm has a national trial practice that includes complex commercial litigation, election litigation, and general civil litigation before state and federal courts. Although we are only licensed to practice law in Texas, we are often asked to assist on litigation matters in other states. Utilizing what is known as a “pro hac vice” procedure, we are permitted to make appearances and try lawsuits beyond the borders of Texas. Our practice tends to involve very high-profile and high-stakes litigation that draws intense media attention throughout the State of Texas and often the entire United States.

Complex commercial litigation

Our Firm handles highly complex commercial matters on behalf of individuals and companies throughout the State of Texas.  Occasionally,  the amounts in controversy for these cases exceed a billion dollars, and it is routine for our Firm to handle cases which involve hundreds of millions of dollars. If you or your business is facing a “break the bank” case, we are the go to Firm to help achieve victory.  

We assist clients on a range of complex commercial litigation issues, regarding:

  • Contract disputes
  • Constitutional impairment claims
  • Lease disputes
  • Landlord/Tenant issues
  • Banking litigation
  • Lender Liability
  • Government Procurement
  • Unfair Debt Collection Practices
  • Taxpayer Class Action litigation  

Election litigation

Election litigation involves some of the most intricate, detail-oriented analysis that can occur in a courtroom. Very few firms step foot into this arena, and fewer still have an established practice and expertise in this area. Our Firm is generally regarded as the top election boutique law firm in Texas. “He’s the troubleshooting lawyer for Republicans whose political problems become legal problems,” Texas Monthly wrote of Mr. Taylor. Whether you are a candidate who needs campaign finance advice, an elected official facing a campaign finance ethics investigation, a governmental body seeking to redraw political boundaries, or an ordinary citizen trying to submit a political issue on an election ballot, look no further on who to hire, as our Firm has done it all with enormous success.  

We assist clients on a range of election matters, regarding:

  • Election contests
  • Initiative Petitions
  • Referendum Petitions
  • Ballot access disputes
  • Redistricting plans
  • Redistricting litigation
  • Mandamus Petitions
  • Campaign finance advice
  • Ethics compliance
  • Contributions/Expenditure reporting

General litigation

Our Firm routinely handles many legal disputes that do not fall squarely within the classification of commercial or election disputes. With our skill and experience, we are often able to favorably settle a case without having to go to court. Many other private companies and citizens find themselves in contracts with governmental bodies, but do not understand the intricate laws affecting when, and under what circumstances, the law allows a governmental unit to be haled into court over its assertion of immunity from both suit and liability. These types of actions are our specialty, and we bring over three decades of experience and expertise to maximizing your potential recovery or defense in court.  

We assist clients on a range of general litigation matters, regarding:

  • Medical device litigation
  • Shareholder litigation’
  • Fiduciary duty litigation
  • Successor liability
  • Government Procurement disputes
  • Governmental immunity
  • Ultra Vires claims
  • Mandamus actions
  • Bid Protests
  • State Sovereign immunity
  • 11th Amendment immunity