General Representation

General representation before and against government agencies.

State agencies

Because the Firm’s partner, Andy Taylor, ran the Office of Texas Attorney General for Attorney General John Cornyn, the Firm is a natural fit for clients who have legal issues over which the OAG has jurisdiction.  Whether the issue is civil, criminal or administrative in nature, the Firm is uniquely qualified to navigate that agency’s rules and protocol in order to achieve a favorable outcome for its corporate and individual clients.  In addition, given the Firm’s past representation of many statewide and locally elected officials in both the Texas Legislature and the Executive Branch of state government, the Firm is well-situated to contact elected officials and their respective staff members on a multitude of issues, ranging from local concerns, draft legislation, agency directives, and needed repeal and/or amendment of existing laws.  Given the Firm’s niche industry of campaign finance law representation and election litigation, we also are routinely asked to represent businesses and individuals who find themselves enmeshed with the rules and regulations of the Texas Ethics Commission.



federal acencies

Although less frequent than our state agency representation, the Firm is occasionally engaged to assist with Federal Agency activity, including matters pending before the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Federal Election Commission, the United States Department of Justice, and the National Indian Gaming Commission.


Testimony before legislative governmental bodies

Because Andy Taylor is widely regarded as an expert in election law, the Firm is often invited to provide testimony on legislative matters of significant importance. Seeking expert advice on whether current election laws need to be changed, committees from both the Texas House of Representatives and the Texas Senate regularly invite testimony from Andy Taylor. Similarly, multiple cities solicit the Firm’s election law expertise, resulting in legal consultation provided both in private executive sessions and in public meetings.   

Trial Practice | Appellate Practice

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