Taylor Denounces Harassment of HERO Opponents

A Washington based group called Campaign for Accountability wants to see certain e-mails to and from the Houston City Councilmembers who opposed Mayor Parker and her wildly unpopular bathroom ordinance. The list includes the same pastors whose sermons were subpoenaed by City Hall and Andy Taylor, the attorney who led the fight for the right to vote.

“I am honored to be on the hit list of these sore losers,” says Attorney Andy Taylor. “I am sure Mayor Parker and her legal department will fight this silliness with the same vigor they used to go after the sermons of Houston churches. I am an advocate of open government, but this isn’t a fact finding mission, it is just retaliation from whiners.”

Taylor called on Mayor Parker to deny her office is behind this mission. The overwhelming rejection of the bathroom ordinance has stained the legacy of Parker.

Want a good laugh? The Campaign for Accountability states they are actually trying to uncover discrimination done under the guise of religious freedom.  According to their website, the CfA says it “exposes those who have betrayed the public trust by leveraging their positions for their own ends.”

“This group says they are about freedom. Well the Texas Supreme Court showed the Mayor what freedom really is, the freedom to vote, to have your voice heard. How un-American to let people decide if they want to defend the safety of their mothers, wives and daughters,” Taylor says.

It sounds like the CFA is unfamiliar with this year’s Houston Mayoral Race.  We would be more than happy to enlighten them.

Taylor scored several major legal victories for Houstonians this year.  The Texas Supreme Court forced the City of Houston to hold an election on the bathroom ordinance, then rejected the Mayors attempt to confuse voters with the ballot language. Taylor is also the attorney responsible for overturning the “rain tax” on Houstonians.